Waste plastic management and recycling

Plastic is known to be one of the main solid waste, non biodegradable, and some of its typologies, if burnt, are also toxic; it becomes then elemental to handle it as much as possible through recycling. GV Macero deals with plastic collection (PE films, PP fruits boxes, technical and complex polymers such as PS and aluminates PP, etc) and applies on all corporations, large-scale organised distribution centres and local authorities in need of managing the collection of plastics for their recycling and regeneration.
The service is mainly offered to the Bergamo province, but can be extended to the neighbouring ones (Monza Brianza, Lodi, Brescia, Cremona, Mantova) and according to the needs, through GV Macero’s network of entrusted partners, to the whole Italian territory.

Riciclo plastica

Waste plastic

Smaltimento e riciclo plastica

Waste plastic

riciclo plastica - 2

PP white buckets

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