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The shredding of obsolete archived documents is a highly valued service by GV Macero’s clientele. Our qualified staff offers the collection of folders with related porterage (as needed) and the confidential destruction of documents in Bergamo and across Italy.

The destruction of sensitive documents, such as accounting documents – required mainly by Financial Institutions, Public Administrations, Notary Firms, Law Firms, Accountants, and many companies that need them – consists in making illegible and no longer reconstructible the documents entrusted to us, through industrial shredding, in turn ensuring that the paper is recycled and sent to paper mills.

For each disposal of accounting or other types of confidential documents, GV Macero issues a declaration of successful destruction. The company can provide photographic and video evidence if the client deems it necessary.

To guarantee the privacy of our clients, the destruction of paper documents takes place in a special area of the plant dedicated to their processing and shredding.

For all companies needing a reliable partner, GV Macero is ready to provide a quote for document shredding and detailed information on how to dispose of paper documents.

First Step

Technical-commercial visit for service assessment.

Second Step

Porterage and pickup service.

Third Step

Material sorting.

Fourth Step

Shredding of documents.

Destruction of sensitive documents

GV Macero offers the pickup and shredding of sensitive documents as one of its services. This service is increasingly in demand, especially by financial institutions, public administrations, and the most diverse companies.

A company’s archive consists of documents ranging from accounting documents to customer records, contracts for the supply of goods or services, and confidential information in general. For this reason, the archives must be kept in compliance with the regulations governing sensitive data handling. Accidental or partial destruction of documents – whether fiscal documents or otherwise – or worse, their possible theft, can lead to penalties and criminal offenses. Archived documents cannot be destroyed independently for several reasons, including the need to comply with environmental regulations, which forbid their destruction through normal urban waste processes.

The destruction of paper archives offered by GV Macero avoids incinerators since we opt for a more eco-friendly and safer approach through paper shredding, ensuring maximum confidentiality.

GV Macero guarantees the safe and fast destruction and disposal of all paper documents produced and no longer needed for archiving. Documents with confidential information are taken over directly by GV Macero without any third-party intermediary, thus ensuring maximum confidentiality.

Confidential disposal of sensitive documents

GV Macero guarantees complete confidentiality in all processing of confidential document disposal and the effective illegibility of paper documents entrusted to us for shredding. The process is certified by issuing a special certificate at the end of the processing cycle. It is also possible to request photographic/video evidence of the successful destruction of the documents, whether administrative, fiscal, accounting, or other.

Contact GV Macero for more information about our document destruction service: our staff is ready to provide you with all the details you may need to dispose of documents with sensitive data, from collection to shredding.
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