Renting, loan for use of collecting equipment

GV Macero offers different solutions for the waste to be recovered collection and storage. According to customers’ needs renting or loan-for-use equipment will be organised to better satisfy each request.


Amongst all equipment for collection of waste paper/carton and non dangerous other wastes, the open top container is one of the most requested and flexible solution.

Technical specifications: up to 30 m3
Dimensions: 6300x2500x2550mm

Manual | Download PDF

Press Container

Especially befitting for high quantity of waste paper /carton collection, the press container is particularly suited for the large-scale organised distribution, industries and logistical centres.Press containers are flexible, dischargeable and fitted with a built-in automatic press so as to half reduce paper volume.

Technical specifications: from 24 m3
Dimensions: 6300x2500x2550mm

EC Declarations

Manual | Download PDF

Manual | Download PDF

Mini press container

Ideal for a better service in case of limited space, the mini press container with its built –in automatic press internally fitted, allows to manage important quantities of waste paper/carton and possibly plastics.

Technical specifications: from 12 to 14 m3
Dimensions: 4500x2200x2300 mm and 4700x2200x2300 mm

EC Declarations

Manual | Download PDF

Discharging container for stationary press

This typology of equipment is mainly intended for huge volume of waste paper/carton to be collected.

The plant, combined with a stationary press, allows the waste compaction and is ideal for the large-scale organised distribution and the paper industries (box works, graphic and printing industries etc)

Technical specifications: closed container with hatchback and ejector
Dimensions: 6500x2500x2500 mm

Stationary press

The stationary press combined with a discharging container allows the compaction of waste paper and carton huge volumes.

Technical specifications: compactor power 45ton
Dimensions: 3200/4500x1700x2300mm

BTE Manual | Download PDF

Hofmann Manual | Download PDF

Baskets, tipper baskets

Ideal for printers, binderies, and more generally for graphic industries, baskets and tipper baskets enable an easy and fast handling and collection of industrial waste paper, preserving effectively in this way premises tidiness and cleanness.

More info: Renting, loan for use of collecting equipment

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