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Ordinary grade paper

According to the classification established by European regulations and defined in the UNI EN 643:2014 Standard, ordinary quality paper falls under this
category (Group 1).

The following is considered ordinary grade paper:

  • 1.02 Mixed wastepaper: Mixed paper containing approximately 40% newspapers and magazines.
  • 1.03 Die-cut cardboard: Gray cardboard, printed or unprinted, with or without white coating, free from corrugated material.
  • 1.04 80/20 corrugated cardboard: Used paper and cardboard packaging, containing at least 80% corrugated cardboard. The rest being other paper and cardboard products.
  • 1.05 100% Corrugated cardboard: used corrugated cardboard boxes and sheets of various grades. They may contain up 10% of other packaging paper and cardboard.
  • 1.06 Magazines and flyers: unsold magazines and/or flyers with or without glue.
  • 1.11 Sorted graphic paper for deinking: sorted graphic paper composed of 80% newspapers and magazines.
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