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Recycled paper sale

GV Macero, a company that has made Quality its pillar, can offer its customers a full range of paper and cardboard products following the rules established by UNI EN 643 standards. Our staff’s experience in recognizing and selecting the various shades of waste paper is a source of pride for us. Each bale produced at our Pedrengo and Calvenzano plants is labeled with our logo and a barcode that allows us to trace the entire paper recovery process: from the origin of the waste to its transportation to our sites, which personnel processed it and which sorted the goods.

Traceability of recycled paper is important and will be the new challenge, as pointed out in the recent EoW decree dated 2020: GV Macero has been ready to face this challenge for over a decade.

Our Sales department is always available to issue a proposal for paper and cardboard. By listening to your needs, we can find the best quality products or recommend waste paper alternatives based on our many years of experience. To complete the sales operations of recycled paper, not only in Bergamo but all over Europe and Asia, our efficient Logistics department can ship you the goods using different methods to be agreed upon together: from train to walking floor or sea container. Our staff can also assist you in preparing the demanding documentation for import and export.

What types of recycled paper does GV Macero process? Below, you will find the UNI EN 643 standards with related photo documentation that shows the quality grades we process.

Ordinary quality

Medium quality

Superior Quality

Kraft quality

Special Quality

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