Equipment Rental

Always paying attention to the needs of its customers, GV Macero offers various solutions for properly storing waste.

Through an on-site inspection and thanks to our know-how acquired from decades of experience, we will recommend the right equipment for your needs.

With an Industry 4.0 approach, the company has invested in the installation of modern technology for the remote monitoring of equipment, thus optimizing transportation (reducing greenhouse gas emissions), ensuring prompt intervention in case of breakdowns, and guaranteeing the safety and compliance of all machinery through proper and constant maintenance.


Containers are the most popular and flexible solutions among our waste collection equipment.

Technical characteristics: up to 30 cubic meters
Dimensions: 6300 x 2500 x 2550 mm


Particularly suitable for collecting large quantities of paper/cardboard, the compactor/press container is ideal for large retailers, industrial facilities, and logistics centers. The compactors are roll-off containers equipped with built-in automatic presses, thus making it possible to reduce the volume of paper by more than half.

Technical characteristics: from 24 cu.m.
Dimensions: 6500 x 2500 x 2550 mm

Mini presscontainer

Small compared to a traditional presscontainer, it requires less space for placement (it has the same size as a car parking spot). Excellent for small distribution and companies with average waste quantities, it ensures tidiness and cleanliness in the yard.

Technical characteristics: 13 cu.m.
Dimensions: 4700 x 2200 x 2300 mm

Removable container for stationary press (tri-conical)

This type of equipment is mainly suited for small businesses with a large volume of paper/cardboard to be recycled.

Specifications: a closed container with tailgate and ejector
Dimensions: 6700 x 2500 x 2500 mm

Stationary press

his stationary baler press, combined with a roll-off container (Tri-conical), compacts large volumes of paper/cardboard. It is ideal for large-scale retail and paper industries (box factories, printing companies, paper mills and the like). Thanks to its versatility, it can be combined with suction systems, conveyor belts and tippers.

Technical characteristics: compacting force 45 ton
Dimensions: 3200/4500 x 1700 x 2300 mm

Skips and tipping skips

Ideal for printers, bookbinders, and any company operating in the graphic design and printing sector, the skip allows for easy and quick handling and collection of industrial paper waste while maintaining the cleanliness and tidiness of the premises.
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