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Since 1957, Pedrengo has been our Company headquarters.
In 2005, the Company invested in a new area of the municipality, building from scratch a collection warehouse modernly designed for the processing and storing of recyclable materials.
The new Pedrengo headquarters covers an area of 20,000 sqm and uses the latest technologies. With two automatic and manual sorting lines and three dedicated presses, about 8,000 tons of paper and cardboard per month are processed and prepared for the mill.
From entry as waste to EoW certification, the material processing chain is carefully monitored by qualified personnel and tracked by barcode, applied on each bale produced.

The holds, used for final storage, are split by type and strategically positioned to maintain the quality of the goods.
The processing of all other types of waste, such as plastic, wood, mixed packaging, iron, and metals, takes place in dedicated and specially set up areas. Careful partitioning of such waste, with special containment barriers, ensures the absence of contaminants.
The Pedrengo headquarters is a model of sustainability. In 2013, the entire surface of the plant was equipped with 846 photovoltaic panels, allowing the Company to become almost self-sufficient in its energy generation needs. The in-house vehicle fleet (crawlers and forklifts) has been gradually replaced with electric cars that, every night, are recharged using the energy collected from the Company’s photovoltaic panels.

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