GV Macero: Quality and Innovation

A point of reference for the recovery and valorization of plastic and waste paper for the province of Bergamo, GV Macero was founded in 1957. Thanks to significant investments in recent years, it has become one of the leading companies in Europe in terms of the quality of services and products in its field.

About Us

We have been making quality our pillar for 65 years

Gv Macero started its operations as a family-run business in the late 1950s, collecting and disposing waste paper and plastic. In the 1990s, the transition to the second generation boosted waste collection, leading us to become a point of reference for the valorization of waste products originating from printing and paper mills. Investments made in the early 2000s allowed us to build our facility in Padrengo to export recovered materials to India, China, Thailand, and Vietnam. In 2020, we were proud to open an additional facility in Calvenzano. To date, GV Macero stands out in Europe for its solidity, quality, and reliability, including its commitment to environmental sustainability.

A company at the service of the environment

GV Macero has always paid particular attention to the environment. Since 2009 it has been ISO 14001 certified. This certification, according to international standards, confirms the environmental quality management of a company or organization.
With its modern collection, transportation, and paper processing means, together with its specialized personnel, GV Macero offers excellent and efficient management of ecological platforms in full respect of the environment.

Our History

Since the day of GV Macero's founding, research, quality, and innovation have been the pillars of our business.


From a pioneering intuition, spouses Gianfranco and Rosa Vavassori established their first recovery plant in Pedrengo where they used their previous experience in collecting and valorizing textile materials and, since the 1970s, also paper materials.


The untimely loss of founder Gianfranco made 1994 a challenging year for his sons, Sergio and Marco, who have since been at the helm of the Company renamed GV Macero to pay homage to their father. In the 1990s, the knowledge and related sorting of noble paper materials, sought after in Bergamo's thriving printing industry, was boosted and refined.


The new millennium drove GV Macero towards an industrial future: the Company changed its structure to become a joint stock company that invested in a new and modern 20,000 sqm plant with state-of-the-art sorting equipment, highly qualified personnel, and eco-friendly operating means.


GV Macero opened up to the Global Market by establishing GV Trading Srl. The Company expanded into the new export markets of the Middle East and Asia, mainly China, for which GV Macero obtained an AQSIQ export license. Since 2006, through a trusted network of European partners, the Company has been marketing baled waste paper of all types.


Eco-sustainability became the keyword driving the Company's choices in the second decade of the new millennium. In 2013, GV Macero installed a 200 kW photovoltaic system consisting of 846 panels covering an area of 1,400 sqm. Since then, GV Macero has produced enough energy to be almost self-sufficient, feeding the excess energy collected into the national grid. Within seven years, 70% of diesel-operating vehicles were converted to Electric and Zero Emissions vehicles. Renewable energy efficiency choices and environmental impact benefits allowed the Company further to distinguish itself in the Recovery and Recycling industry sectors.


The GV Macero family expanded! Despite the global pandemic, the Company invested in a new operational facility in Calvenzano, a town in the Lower Bergamo road junction bordering the provinces of Cremona, Lodi, and Milan. The strategic location of the new facility allowed the Company to increase its performance and presence in the area, an area to which it is strongly linked.

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