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Featured services

Paper recycling

Paper is a recyclable
material and can be reused through its conversion into
waste paper.

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Plastic recycling

Plastic is not biodegradable.
Therefore, it is essential to dispose of and recycle plastic
as much as possible.

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Document Shredding

The principle behind the shredding of sensitive documents is to make documents unreadable while maintaining the recyclability of paper.

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Equipment rental

We are always available to recommend the rental equipment that best meets the
customer’s needs.

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About Us

Since 1957, GV Macero has been in the waste collection and recycling business, starting with textile materials and paying special attention to waste paper.

Over time, thanks to specialized investments, the Company increased its strength and professionalism, expanding its operation from the disposal of paper and plastic to include also the shredding of confidential documents and waste in general, up to the recovery of packaging and the provision of separate waste collection services to municipalities.

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Recycling Waste Paper
GV Macero has been in operation in the province of Bergamo for two generations. It offers companies the trade and recovery of waste paper, cardboard, and plastic, waste disposal services, and document shredding according to the Green Economy principles. The Company has a whole fleet of vehicles and operates mainly in Bergamo and province (GV Macero has two location locations: one in Pedrengo, and one in Calvenzano), but offers its services also in the neighboring provinces (Brescia, Cremona, Mantua, Lodi, Monza Brianza) and across Italy.

Cardboard and plastic recycling

GV Macero takes care of all the steps necessary to ensure that cardboard and waste paper are properly sent for recycling. Also, GV Macero offers a plastic packaging recycling service and sells recovered waste paper and plastic directly to paper mills and remanufacturers.

We offer the guarantee of high quality, even for those types of material considered challenging to recycle, to all companies interested in purchasing waste paper and plastics.

Waste Disposal

Waste is classified according to its origin and split into urban and special waste. Special waste refers to waste originating from industrial, artisan, commercial, services, construction-demolition, agricultural and agro-industrial, waste recovery and disposal, and sanitary activities. Based on the hazardous waste characteristics, it is classified into hazardous and non-hazardous.

All special waste, if not properly managed, can have a considerable impact on the environment. Thus, it must be appropriately managed by those producing it and those recovering and/or disposing of it, including GV Macero.

Document shredding

GV Macero SPA offers document pickup and shredding services. This service is increasingly in demand, especially by financial institutions, public administrations, and a wide variety of businesses.

GV Macero guarantees secure and quick shredding and disposal service for all documents produced daily and no longer needing archiving. Documents with confidential information are entrusted to GV Macero directly, without a third party in between. Maximum confidentiality guaranteed.

Waste collection services

To ensure its waste recovery services, GV Macero SPA handles waste transportation to its facilities using its own fleet of vehicles.

GV Macero guarantees fast and efficient services and provides the customer with the documentation needed for waste transportation and disposal.

Certifications and Partnerships

Certificazione ISO-9001

Certificazione ISO-14001

Certificazione ISO-45001